Ajatar – Amphibio

Long time ago, I found a true story in (Jokaisen Pojan Kirja by Sulo Karpio) about two young men who built an amphibio velomobile and rode from Finland to Sweden, hopping from island to island through Åland islands.


The story was challenging enough and of course I wanted to created something similar, since I lived just by the sea in the city of Vasa, Finland. I had no experience on building anything like this and no tools but hammer, knife, saw. Eventually I managed to complete the project and had several rewarding moments on the road and on the sea.

I chose name Ajatar for the velomobile. In Finnish folklore, Ajatar is a spirit known as ”Devil of the Woods”. ”Aja” is also Finnish word for driving. In this case ”devil” is a good description for the noise that Ajatar created on the road.

Current location of Ajatar is not known. She is probably in the heaven of velomobiles.


ajatar ajatar3 ajatar2


amfibio amfibio2 ajatar4


kinneri meressä1 kinneri meressä101